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1 - 2 business days

3 - 9 business days

Canada Post Express Mail


Canada Post First Class 
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United States   


7 - 14 Business Days

Canada Post First Class International

International Express 


2 - 3 Business Days

DHL Express Mail


Canada Post and DHL Express shipping methods does not include Duties or Taxes. Duties and Taxes are subject to being collected at the time of delivery by your carrier. 

*Please allow a few business days for your tracking link to be updated via Canada Post First Class Mail. 



BH Experience Is not responsible for the payment of your shipping label on any returns! If there are any mishaps such as (wrong size or damage good) our team will then supply you with a shipping label after a photo of proof is submitted. You have within 10 days from the date of delivery to return your item (No Refunds) All returns are via store credit in the form of a BH E-Gift Card. Returns are processed within 5-7 business days after your item(s) are delivered to us. All finally sale items can not be returned or refunded.

Please note all shipping times are currently estimates and the times vary due to issues relating to COVID-19 and government orders and the impact to our business.



1. All orders with received a "return page"

2. Fill out the return sheet info

3. Write in the "reason for return" box and put it inside your package.

4. Pay for your shipping label, and attach label to your package.

5. Drop your package off at your local post office!